Lightpaw (1)
Old: NightClan
Current: NightClan
Current Rank: Leader
Last Rank: Deputy
Mother: Swirlingstep
Father: Clouddreamer
Brother(s): Thornflight
Sister(s): None
Mate(s): Mottleheart
Kits: Frozenheart, Nightstep
Mentor(s): Sparrowflight
Apprentice(s): {{{14}}}



In Cherrystar's kittenhood, she was born to Swirlingstep and Clouddreamer, some of the ancient cat's that wonder in the valley. Along with that, she was born alongside her brother, Thornflight. Cherrystar was a kind, shy, mischievious cat who always would explore the camp. Althouugh her brother, Thornflight has always had one destiny, to become leader of his Clan, NightClan. Clouddream soon died after a battle near the mountains, being chased off a cliff by a pack of dogs and cracked open his skull. Swirlingstep was devistated, thought she had nothing left to live for. Every night, Cherrykit would comfort her and help her threw tough times. Although she was upset about her father's death. Thornkit, became an apprentice two moons after his feather, Clouddreamer died. Cherrykit was in a hurry to follow to her brother, but sadly, soon when illness struck NightClan and killed the old queen. Cherrykit was horrified, but she knew, her mother would always be there for her when she was needed most, even though she wasn't there with her. 


Cherrykit was finally named Cherrypaw and she was slowly progressing herself to be promoted a warrior. Her parents, Swirlingstep and Clouddreamer, up in StarClan, were very proud of her. Cherrypaw's mentor was Sparrowflight, a dark brown tabby tom with flashing amber eyes. He trained her with spirit and courage and taught her the ways of the noble code. Cherrypaw was a great hunter but wasn't so bright at fighting. Soon enough, though she recieved her warrior name as well as her brother.