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 Darkscar - A handsome white tom with a black stripe starting from his forehead, going down his back and ending at his tail tip. He has black paws and glowing yellow eyes.

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Nightshade is a handsome tom with a fluffy, gray pelt. He has white tipped ears and speckles on his forehead and cheeks, along with a white chest and underbelly and front paws. He has yellow eyes.

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Hawkpath is a muscular brown tom with choclate colored fur, deep amber eyes and a white muzzle.

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 Willowpath is a pretty, thin she-cat with a white base and a brown tabby top coat. She has brilliant, leafy green eyes and a fluffy tail

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Fernstrike- Redish she-cat with flashing amber eyes, dark streaks of orange around her belly and forhead.

Cinderpelt warrior cats by tuffipuffi-d4it5i8

Blueshine- Grey she-cat with black markings along her tail fur, paws and belly. She has aqua blue eyes.

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