Deatheye has been attacked, teased, forsaken, and

EVANESCENCE Taking Over Me With Lyrics

EVANESCENCE Taking Over Me With Lyrics

Deatheye's Dreadful Song. This is a song nice for Deatheye, because basically, Shadowstar, Deathkit's brother controls him without mercy, and dosn't like him. His father dosn't like the fact that his son is small either, so he only just makes it worse.

he has desired revenge after being brutally attacked by his father, Shadestorm. Although he takes his anger out on other cats. He has many challenges to come, and many to fear, as he grows stronger and more ambitious each day.

Chapter 1Edit

A cold, breezy wind flew by the trees. Leaves bristled briskly on the ground. "Wake up!" A cat called, as her voice echoed abounduntly off the trees. The cold wind bristling through his dark black fur and the scent of pine needles awoke him. He flashed open his eyes and got up on his paws, waving his tail. "What is it?" Deathkit meowed sleepily. Flowerkit quietly padded towards Deathkit. "I can't find Shadowkit!" Flowerkit cried, flattening her ears. Their mother, Wind, a former rogue came towards them with concern. "Where is Shadowkit?" She asked worried. "I don't know!" Flowerkit squaled, curling up beside her mothers paws. A dark shadow formed around the trees. Deathkit turned around to face Flowerkit. "Maybe he's with our father," Deathkit suggested. Deathkit yowled as the shadow jumped on top of him. "Ouch!"