400px-Cat in grass
Ginger, a young house cat has alwaysdreamed of being a warrior cat, but when she get's thrown out into the wild, will all she ever hoped for come true?

Chapter 1Edit

The sky was a bright blue. The white, puffy clouds loomed over the sky. A cold breeze rustled the leaves, leaving them to fall off the trees. A golden ray of sunlight settled on the grass below, illuminating the muddy ground. A few mice scuttled around enjoying the warmth of the early Greenleaf day. The grass was soft and mellow. An orange furred cat crept through the grassy fields, steadying her eyes on the ground. As the bright colored cat padded through the marshy fields, she lifted her head and sniffed the breezy air. She knelt her head, pushing her paws forward. She sniffed and dug her claws into the dirt. She looked up and gazed at a mouse nibbling on a small nut. She haunched down slowly and quietly. After that, she quickly stood up and sprinted through the wet, damp ferns.