Well, I didn't mean to meet her, or fall in love, or almost die!

Oh-- hi! I'm Troutie. What? You wanna hear the story? Well. 'Kay.



I was in this place twolegs called Miami, or whatever they said. I didn't really understand. One was getting on a giant metal bird when I noticed a square, brown box that had a black branch on the top was cracked. I thought, with all that colourful stuff in there, it must be soft and comfy! So I squirmed in, and ended up IN the metal bird, after a series of moving roads into the back. I thought it was quite frightening, and I was meowing and screaming to get out. But the metal bird was making these horrendous noises, and after a while in the air--which I got sick--the bird started to



dive. Very fast.

It crashed, and I screamed and yowled at the top of my lungs when I heard another voice. "Help! Someone! Euuuurgh!" It screeched. It sounded like a female. So I clawed out of the box and went to find her--which I did--and freed her.

"Who are you? I'm Koi." She coughed, looking at me with bright, golden eyes. My blue ones met hers in a manner that sparked a tiny ember inside of me. The way her fur looked--so intricate in pattern, so vibrant in colour, the certain variants of the way she looked and moved. It was a puzzle, and I had to put it together.

"I-I'm Troutie..." I simply, and shyly, mewled, meeting her ferocious gaze.

"Follow me, I know a way out." She demanded, leaping over more and more boxes, squeezing under the metal bird's spine and body. We had to go out its rear--as embarrassing as it is. I tried to keep up as much as I could as we reached daylight. She jumped onto the ground--but it wasn't the type I had know to be stretched for tree-lengths on end. There weren't even any trees around--just sand, like on a beach.

"W-What!? Are we on a beach!?" I panicked, looking at her. She was panting heavily, looking back at me, seeming to envy my needle-thin, super-short fur.

"Probably not, whatever it is, though, I'm hot!" She spoke, half-joking, half-serious, as in a way to tell me she's tough enough to pull through.

And from that moment, that ember was given life into a flame.

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