Leader: Duststar - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes and white paws

Deputy: Poppybird - red-brown she-cat with yellow eyes and a torn ear

Medicine Cat: Mossecho - small tortiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Echopaw - silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors Stormheart - blue-gray tom with blue eyes

Cherryskip - pale gray tabby she-cat

Patchfur - gray tom with black patches

Yellowberry - yellow tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Graystone - solid dark gray tom with yellow eyes

Newtheart - fluffy ginger tom with huge paws and green eyes

Foxtail - lean ginger tom with a plumy tail and green eyes

Whitespots - white tom with yellow eyes

Blueheart - blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes

Oakfur - bracken colored tom

Mistyfur - blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes

Stonefoot - pale gray tom with blue eyes

Flinttail - black tom with amber eyes and white paws and a whit tail tip

Apprentices Lightningpaw - ginger tom

Mothpaw - white she-cat with blue eyes

Goldenpaw - golden brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Queens Brookfur - brown tabby she-cat (Mother to Newtheart's kits; Sweetkit, Pinekit, and Briarkit)

Dawnbird - pale gray she-cat with amber eyes (Mother to Duststar's kits; Sandkit and Tigerkit)

Elders  Pinkfoot - gray tom with a pinkish tinge

Mumblemuzzle - brown tabby tom with white paws and a long tail

Shadeded Frost - former loner, black she-cat with yellow eyes and white patches

Kits Sweetkit - pale tortiseshell she-kit with blue eyes

Pinekit - black and ginger tom with yellow eyes

Briarkit - dark brown tabby she-kit with orange eyes

Sandkit - pale ginger she-kit

Tigerkit - dark brown tabby tm with blue eyes