Cat amershor red mackerel tabby lg


Age: 67 moons (2.3 moons at death)

Cause Of Death: Illness


Currently: Starclan

Past: Nightclan


CurrentlyRank: SwirlingStep-StarclanResident

PastRank: SwirlingStep-Queen


​Mate: CloudDreamer

​Mother: DandelionClaw

​Father: DappledFeather

​Kits: Cherrystar & ThornFlight

​Brother: None

Sister: DoveTail

Granddaughter: FrozenHeart

Grandson: NightStep


​Mentor: AppleFeather

​App: LionStrike


​As Kit

​DandelionClaw gave birth to 2 kits SwirlingKit and DoveKit. After they were born they stayed with their mother until their father returns from training and hunting.  As 6 moons later the leader witnissed they need to become apps and soon as they came to clan meeting SwirlingKit is now a app

​As Apperentice

​SwirlingPaw ended up mentor with AppleFeather and she did well in other trainings

​and suddenly she becames warrior.

​As Warrior/Queen

​She saw a cat blushing at her she saw it say can we talk for minute and she walked up to CloudDreamer they decided to be mates and have kits named CherryKit (CherryStar) and ThornKit (ThronFlight) as few moons later she heard her mate died from battle of dogs she asked her kits to go to training when they became apprentices and a strange illness came to clan and she gets sick and suddenly dies as her kits mourned her death.

​As StarclanResident

​Today, She and her mate watches their kits become warriors and that made her smile.