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Chapter 1Edit

Rain fell steadily from the sky. The dark grey clouds struck a flash of lightning.        "Everyone, move the fresh kill pile to the warriors den so it doesn't get damp." The leader spoke. Cats quickly obeyed, moving the couple peices of prey they had. "Frostpool, I want you to take a hunting patrol. Take Cherrytail, Nightcloud and Venompaw with you." Lightstar ordered.           "Alright, but in this weather, how are we supposed to catch anything?" Frostpool meowed. "I'm sure we'll catch something." Frostpool meowed. "I'm sure we'll catch something." Nightcloud put in. The rain slowly damped the grass. Slowly, the cats padded out of the camp. "We'd better catch something," Venompaw hissed. "We will." Cherrytail meowed with confidence. The heavy rain pattered against the cats silky pelts. Venompaw shook the water off of his soaky wet pelt. He sniffed the damp, mossy ground. "I found something!" Cherrytail called, from the distance. Cats quietly sprinted towards her. "Thank StarClan!" Nightcloud whispered. Cherrytail spotted a mouse running across the damp, muddy ground. Cherrytail got into stalk position. She slowly crept toward it, then leaping into the air, hoping to catch the small prey. She saw the fear in it's eyes as it tried to scramble away, but before it could, she sunk her claws into it's scraggy fur. "Good catch!" Frostpool greeted. "Thanks," She meowed in reply, dipping her head as she picked up the prey. Nightcloud flicked his ears and started to speak. "We'd better get it back to camp before it gets soggy." He meowed, as Venompaw focused his gaze on a blackbird. The three cats nodded in agreement, all except for Venompaw, who was slashing his claws at the blackbird.